How to Choose a Journal

How to Choose a Journal

In response to questions I have made a video on How to Choose a Journal. Hopefully people who are looking for a journal that they can both write and sketch in, will find my thoughts useful. If you want to write in a journal or sketch in journal choices are easier than if you want to mix the two activities in one book.

To summarise what I look for when I choose a journal is
Size – it has to fit in my handbag
Paper weight and quality – I like to be able to sketch
A stitched binding must be strong as glued books fall apart with heavy use
Archival paper is good
Extras like ribbon markers and envelopes at the back ( these are nice to have and not deal breakers)

The Journal I will use next is a Daler and Rowney which is 150 gsm cartridge paper. I have used these sketchbooks before and will report on how this one performs but I expect it to be suitable for what I need it for.
The Square journal in the video is a Hahnemühle is 140 gsm and made for dry media but will take a bit of wet media.

Other journals discussed are the Stillman and Brin range and Strathmore sketchbooks. They are great for sketching but expensive to glue stuff into!

I hope you enjoy “How to Choose a Journal” leave questions in the comments if you have any.

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  1. Drooling over the goodies! I love Seawhite, very well made, good paper, 140 gm but double sized; they will take a reasonable amount of sloshing, and very reasonably priced.

    Jules Woolford
    1. Yes I like the Seawhite too – I have only ever used 1 that I picked up in the UK at Cass Art (who have a website but do not post to Australia) so I checked out elsewhere – Amazon UK sell them at $28 + postage (Australia) so to get them here would work out as expensive as some of the top name brands in sketchbooks. I do plan on picking up a few when over there however as you are right the double sizing means they are very useful little book!

      Sharon B
  2. My latest journal (of my recent trip to Italy) is in Kikki-K “Take Note” journal. It’s probably not great for wet media, but I don’t do much painting (yet). What I like about this book is that each page is printed (or not printed) with a different background. Some have lines, some have spots or a grid; some pages are white, some are coloured but otherwise blank. I found this encouraged the creative direction of my journalling, and it was especially good for a holiday where I didn’t want to spend too much time journalling but I wanted to create memory prompts for the future.

    1. Hi,
      I’ve been trying to find the journal with blank, lined and dotted pages to no avail.
      Even on Kikki-K website. Is this because your comment was made some years ago and they’re Jo longer available please?

      1. Judith if you want all three in one book I have not seen one but if you want a blank journal or one with squares there are many ie look for the European brands such a Leuchtturm – Moleskine has a squared or dotted or blank journal too. Google it and plenty turn up but not all 3 together.

        Sharon B
        1. Thank you very much. J

          I’ve been trying to find the journal with blank, lined and dotted pages to no avail.
          Even on Kikki-K website. Is this because your comment was made some years ago and they’re Jo longer available please?

  3. Hi Sharon, oh, I will be a follower, thats quite sure – …and be reminded of lessons in your wonderful Studio Journal class – which opened my eyes for seeing and – photographing — so much more things in my environment. Thank you for this possibility.

  4. Lots of good tips here thanks. Like the idea of a handbag square type journal. Your drawing is amazing, I wish I could draw like that…
    Will definitely start researching what’s available near me book wise. Can’t wait for next tip x

    Gillian Green
  5. Your blog title, In A Minute Ago, seems to fit journaling somehow. This is basically what you told us in your Studio Journal class, but it was a good refresher and I really enjoyed hearing your voice. LOL I also enjoyed the subtitles. Whatever creates them does not understand your accent (so I imagine it’s American –I don’t even know why I had them). Fortunately, I have no problem understanding you and don’t need the subtitles.

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