Travel Journal tip 1 from on the road

Travel Journal tip 1 from on the road

This is the start of a series of travel journal tips. The idea is that these tips are quick little things you can do while traveling that enhance your travel journal. These tips are all things I do in my own travel journal and the examples I share are real life samples of something done while traveling.

Tips that are shared are real rather than polished or perfect. I figure that many people attempt to keep a travel journal and don’t because their expectations are too high. Or they want perfection which is the undoing of many creative projects. Before I break out into a rant about perfectionism stalling many people I had better share my travel journal tip 1.

Travel journal tip 1 Print on demand photos in travel journal
My travel journal tip 1 is to make use of any  print on demand photo booths you see, to print a few photos off your phone or camera. These are photos are chosen on the day and on location very often capture a sense of the experience. Photos like these are immediate. You can of course leave space in your journal and when you get home  you use better post processing on a computer as opposed to your phone. Although I have done this I like the sense of something being made while I travel. I like using stuff and resources of things found on location, on the day for me it is a way of keeping it real. In a way the processing polishes the memory a little. Nothing wrong with that as I do add photos afterwards but a photograph choosen from your phone on the day often adds a sense or immediacy to a travel journal which I enjoy.

Travel journal tip 1 Print photos on demand photo boothObviously print on demand photo booths are not everywhere but if you are aware of them you can keep an eye out and it takes literally minutes to do. In Singapore recently I came across one in one of their labyrinth like shopping malls. They usually look something like this.

Travel journal tip 1 Printed photo from photo boothGenerally instructions guide you through the process. In this case you could print from Instagram or from your phone. It took minutes and I had two photos printed on the spot that I could use that evening in my journal. This booth offered you the choice to print 2 photos which I used or you could print 4, 8 or 10. These had perforated paper so you could tear them apart.

I hope you enjoyed my Travel journal tip 1! Let me know what you think. Have you used a service like this?

If you want to know what we have been up to in Singapore pop over to and read what Jerry has been sharing.

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  1. Never seen one like you are showing but its been years since I travelled.Don’t forget the chemist and their version of instant printing or buy your own micro photo printer would be other options.

    1. Faye you are right about the micro printers – I have one but it is too heavy for any sort of air travel so I don’t take it – fine for a road trip however.

      Sharon B

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