Picular colour Picker

Picular colour Picker

Screen shot of PicularPicular is a fast colour picker that uses Google’s image search to make the selection.  Type in a word and a colour palette is generated. I played with words such as Paris, spring, winter, summer, autumn, ice cream, lollie pop, candy, cake, beach, forrest, pebbles, sunset, flowers and feminine. I also had fun with words like joy, peace and laughter.

The interface is fast and easy to use. Basically you type in a search term and hit enter. Picular then  generates a series of colour swatch tiles. For fun I typed in the word Paris.

Screen shot of Picular colour paletteIn the left had corner the RGB hex code is displayed. This means you can easily add it to your artwork and/or swatches.

Screen shot of Picular hex codesIn the right hand corner is a very pale icon which if you pass your over it you will see the image source the dominant colour is taken from.

Screen shot of Picular images sourcedUsing tools like Picular to produce a good design still requires a designer’s eye to make a final decisions but it certainly is a great creativity spark in the brainstorming phase of any design project.

I managed to spend an hour or so just playing with this. It is very easy to simply pick similar colour schemes. It is easy to fall back on what is safe. I can see me using Picular to find something different and challenging in the way of colour schemes. This fun tool was created by the design team at Future Memories. Have fun with Picular!

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  1. Very cool, Sharon. I love color, I want to play with this and see if I can use color to help with my (sad) language acquisition skills. Not that this would necessarily do that for me, but there have to be more ways to use color in learning vocabulary than writing all nouns in 1 color, all verbs in another, or schemes like that. Hope you are enjoying spring there. It’s getting cold here in Spain. Hurricane Leslie blew through the north recently. That was weird. Take care. Amanda


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