One Week 100 People challenge 2018

One Week 100 People challenge 2018

Marc Taro Holmes of Citizen Sketcher and Liz Steel are running the One week 100 people challenge again this year. The idea is to sketch 100 people in 5 days between Mon 5 – Fri 9 March.

one week 100 people logoWith 100 people to sketch I know I will be aiming at doing quick gesture drawings so hopefully it will loosen up my people sketches. Marc Taro Holmes says “The goal is PRACTICE. Not perfection. Think of us as your gym trainers, Standing behind you yelling ‘Get out there! Keep your hands moving!’”

Although the rules are open enough to allow all sorts of sketching in all types of mediums, keeping the challenge simple is my aim. I find I easily get tangled up setting goals that involve complexity that undermines what I want to achieve. I like the idea of getting out there and keeping my hands moving, of practicing for the sake of it. This type of internet challenge is fun. The One week 100 people challenge is a short enough block of time to allow for a “push” to be doable. It will also get me back into the habit of carrying a sketchbook at all times which I need to do.

Check out Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel websites to read about One week 100 people challenge for this year. The rules summarised by me as I read them are:

Sketch 100 people between Mon 5 – Fri 9 March.Use the hashtag #OneWeek100People2018.  You can use any medium. That includes digital sketching such as on a phone or ipad etc You can create any type of sketch such as a quick gesture drawings or more detailed work. They just have to be of people! Ideally sketch on location but work from photos is OK.

If you want to see what was done last year here is last years hash tag

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    1. HI Kay I am sure you could do the challenge and hashtag it – but technically it is over – it was run last year and I have a hunch Lix Steel and Marc Taro Holmes will run it again next year

      Sharon B
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    1. Annie I am not running this challenge – visit the links in the post to either Liz Steel or Marc Taro Holmes for full guidelines. Both a well known Urban Sketchers and are active on Facebook. Since they ask people to use a hash tag I will post my stuff to facebook under that hash tag #OneWeek100People2018 and I will probably blog about it at the end of the challenge and use the hash tag then too. Instagram and twitter also uses hashtags – so where ever you are online post your sketch and use the hash tag #OneWeek100People2018. Or join your local Urban sketchers group, meet up face to face and share there too! Urban Sketchers is a global network of people. go to to find out more about the organisation.

      Sharon B

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