Some ideas on how to journal

I am often asked how to journal. Journals can be kept in any way you choose. You can write in them, sketch in them, add photos, paint in them, do a collage, paste ephemera in them in other words just about do anything in them! There is no certain “look” or style in journaling. There is no blueprint that must be followed, no right or wrong way to keep a journal. There are no rules because they are a creative space and if you tie up a creative space in too many rules it quickly becomes a non-creative space. In this video I share some of the ways I have kept a journal from the early ‘diary’ years to recent page spreads.

The main thing I want to say is that no matter what you do it’s all OK – if you feel comfortable writing – do so, if you like mucking about with art materials – do so, if you like sketching – do so. Everyone of us is unique and every journal reflects that uniqueness.

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10 Replies to “Some ideas on how to journal”

  1. Carolyn Foley

    After I retired we moved. We downsized and it was horrible, the downsizing that is, the move has been great. But I had to make hard decisions about what I kept and what had to go and most of my journals went into the bin. I kept a small collection that I just couldn’t part with and looking back I wish I had scanned them and kept them digitally.
    Do you keep digital journals?

    • Sharon B Post author

      Oh Carolyn – sounds horrible. After the fires I started to photograph each page of my journals but I have lapsed somewhat. I hate the idea of losing them.

  2. Susanne

    This was very interesting Sharon – it gave me a sneaky glimpse into the breadth of your work and career as well as some great journal ideas. Thanks for sharing

  3. Marianne

    Thanks for a glimpse into your sketchbooks and journals! How enticing!
    One question–since your books include so much history and research, do you index them for later reference? I know some recommend the practice.

    • Sharon B Post author

      Marianne that is an excellent question- I have left 2-5 pages at the end of each book with the expectation of indexing but have never done it. Now I have ‘retired’ I want to do them but life is still incredibly busy! I will do them – I have never re-read all of them in order so it will be very interesting to do!

  4. Sandy Bell

    I’m loving this new approach – my journaling has slipped horribly this year and after only 2 posts I’m super keen to get back into it. You are an amazing artist & while it’s easy just give up because ‘I’m not as good as you’, I can’t wait to show off my talent. Thank you


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