Bags of fun challenge

Laura Lea

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Being relatively new to the world of stitching I felt I had to do something simple, so I chose felt to work with so that I wouldn't take myself so seriously.  I also wanted to do something whimsical because I work with children and read stories to them on a regular basis.  I thought pulling a good book out of a special bag would increase the enthusiasm of my young audience.  So I planned an underwater themed blue jean bag with a sea dragon watching over her horde, a seahorse with a little fish as it's friend, a dancing mermaid and a reading octopus. I have pleasant memories of my brief childhood years living at the beach and playing with seaweed.  I always collected sea glass, shells, rocks and driftwood.  So I chose buttons to represent these things. I put on one hardy shell too.  I hope you like it!  Oh and the inside is a dark green velvet, representing the depths of the sea, and it feels sensational as you grab for a book and it should settle the storyteller's nerves and mind a wee bit too.


©Laura Lea