Bags of fun challenge

Julie Zaccone Stiller

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It's a total mishmosh and I'm not sure I'm done with it quite all the way, but I called it done enough to submit to this challenge! I kept the pockets functional (ie not sewing through them, at least on purpose!), and I created a new pocket out of the zipper fly on the front. The more pockets the better right?

The great majority of the stitching was done using a lot of the fancy stitches from my machine in variegated rayon or metallic threads. It was fun to see how they stitched out in real life, since I never use them otherwise, that may change since I really like how they look...

I fused fabric motifs on, then sealed the edges with glittery fabric paint. The back pockets were fun to stitch on with 3 strands of cotton embroidery floss (not! Double or triple jeans material is tough to get a needle through! My fingers are still sore!) I found some buttons that I had to stick on there, as well as some resin charms. I hope they stay on and don't break. The straps are comfy, I made tubes of the jeans leg material and stuck some batting trimmings in there.

I wish I had had a bag like this in the 70's. It would have been so "in". I may do some more hand stitching, and I definitely will line it with some of my starry fabric stash.

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