Crazy quilt 8 inch blocks

crazy quilt block

Stitches used and information about this Crazy quilt block.

The vintage lace in the top right hand corner was beaded with seed beads. I simply followed the design and hid some damage to the lace in the process. Along the top is a row of chevron stitch worked in DMC pearl 5 cotton thread which is further embellished with bugle beads.

In the top left hand corner below the vintage button which has been sewn in the middle of a hand dyed lace motif is a row of floral like motifs made using stem stitch, detached chain worked in silk ribbon and detached chain worked in pearl 8 cotton.

In the middle of the block is a row of quarter buttonhole wheels each with a bead in the centre. Next to it is an area of bubbly thread that was received in a swap, it was simply sewn to the block using couching stitch.

As with most of the blocks in this crazy quilt this 8 inch block is worked on crazy patched foundation of synthetic and natural and recycled after 5 fabrics. Many of the fabrics came from swaps with other quilters who enjoy crazy quilting. The large pink floral motif was part of the fabric. It is a piece of very expensive embroidered silk that was given to me by a friend. When I pieced the block I cut around the edge of the smaller flower and flicked it out so it lay over the seam on the block. I attached it to the block with very small sewing stitches. The row of stitching above this is made up of cast on stitch and straight stitch. Seed beads top off the motifs.

The hand dyed lace running towards bottom left corner was simply sewn down and beads were added. The buttons in the cluster are vintage and 3 drops of seed beads were added.

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If you have just landed in the middle of this site via a search engine these 8 inch blocks for a crazy quilt currently in progress. It is for a crazy quilt that has an emphasis on combinations of hand embroidery stitches and a variety of seam embellishments. if you are interested in combinations of stitches for seam embellishments on crazy quilting projects you might also enjoy some of the links under crazy quilting in the side bar and Crazy quilt Seam treatments which are diagrams for seam embellishments and as a reference you can use the Stitch Dictionary. You may enjoy another crazy quilt I have made titled I dropped the button box. There are also other Crazy quilting projects on the site as well. For a full run down on what is available here see the About this site page.