Detached Chain Stitch or Lazy Daisy

a member of the chain stitch family

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This stitch is often worked in a circle to form a flower motif and as a result known as lazy daisy stitch.

It is easy to work and often taught to children as one of their first needlework lessons.

Detached chain stitch is also known by a number of names such as: daisy stitch, lazy daisy stitch, tall chain stitch, loop stitch, tied loop stitch, picot stitch and knotted knot stitch.

Detached chain stitch is also useful as an isolated stitch which is made by working a single isolated chain stitch hence its name.

Detached chain stitch can be used to make leaves and flower shapes hence the name 'daisy stitch'.

This stitch can also be worked either with a double or triple loop to form more complex designs.

a step by step illustration of how to work detatched chian stitch

To work this stitch bring the needle up through the fabric and hold the thread with the left thumb.

Insert the needle back into where it first came out.

Take the needle through the fabric bringing the point of the needle out a short space away.

With the thread wrapped under the needle point pull the needle through the fabric.

Fasten the loop made with a small stitch.

Scattering this stitch across an area to create a powdered filling also works well. Although the weight of thread used determines the bulkiness of stitch most threads work well.

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