Crazy quilt 8 inch blocks

Stitches used and information about this Crazy quilt block.

Firstly the block is an 8 inch block made up of a foundation of silk, polyester satin and cotton brocades. Apart from the pale green fabric all fabrics were acquired in swaps with fellow quilters.

In the top right hand corner and running down the side is a spray of vintage buttons. One was placed over a vintage lace motif. Below is a row of rick rack with . that I couched down with detached chain stitch using DMC pearl cotton .

The seam treatment directly below that is running to the left is a cotton lace that has had silk ribbon woven through the lace and ribbon roses added at the points. The beads that trom it are cheap plastic beads. Along the top is a row of buttonhole stitch.

On the bottom left is two rows of herringbone that has been interlaced with rayon ribbon and glass novelty beads placed in the middle. Above that I have a seam of buttonhole wheels topped with an arrangement of straight stitches worked in a DMC Pearl.

In the the top left hand corner is knitting ribbon interlaced arrow stitch worked over some vintage lace. This has been further enhanced with glass novelty beads and the butterflys are cheap plastic beads.

The feather stitch has been topped off with bullion stitches a straight stich worked in a metalic thread and a black seed bead.

The vintage lace I hand dyed and the pattern of the lace is picked out and enhanced.

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If you have just landed in the middle of this site via a search engine these 8 inch blocks for a crazy quilt currently in progress. It is for a crazy quilt that has an emphasis on combinations of hand embroidery stitches and a variety of seam embellishments. if you are interested in combinations of stitches for seam embellishments on crazy quilting projects you might also enjoy some of the links under crazy quilting in the side bar and Crazy quilt Seam treatments which are diagrams for seam embellishments and as a reference you can use the Stitch Dictionary. You may enjoy another crazy quilt I have made titled I dropped the button box. There are also other Crazy quilting projects on the site as well. For a full run down on what is available here see the About this site page.