Have a cuppa

After asking on Facebook what people thought about a journaling site I have started to build one. Many people see journals on Pinterest etc but have no idea where to start. There are many basic questions like what is journaling, how to choose the right journal, what supplies are needed and then what to journal about, how to mix image and text and then by far most people want prompts, creative ideas and inspiration to keep journaling. Before I get on to prompts however I need to build a few basic resources so I can point people to information on the what, why and how of journaling. So I am asking for people to bear with me while I build a resource that people can use.

As a result of questions I was asked when I floated the idea I have sitting in draft (in very dodgy state of draft) articles such as
How to choose a journal
Journals don’t have to be perfect
What is the difference between art journaling, sketch booking, visual diaries, and studio journals? How many types of journaling practices are there?
Why keep a journal?

Remember I am travelling at the moment so this will have to be a slow build for the next few months. So my general plan is to start building some resources then introduce prompts and challenges as many people want those.

For people who have never tried journaling before what questions do you have?
For those who really want to get to heart of it and tackle the prompts how often do you want them and sooner or later? Did you want to start in a month or so or make it a new year thing? ( I have drafted out a few ideas so can jump either way) I think many people will want a facebook group for the prompts which I can do but would like feedback on that before I set it up. Perhaps people can let me know in the comments what they think. Also any questions leave them in the comments so they can go on my to write list.