Split stitch Example


stumpwork embroidery illustration

This dragon in his lair is a section of a larger panel which was inspired by JR Tolkein's work. Particularly "The Hobbit " and "Lord of the Rings". In "The Hobbit" Bilbo is approaching this dragon in his lair.

The sentence from the book that inspired the panel is:

"Bilbo's heart was pierced with enchantment and with the desire of dwarves: he gazed motionless, almost forgetting the frightful guardian at the gold beyond price and count."

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The dragon spines are shells which I dyed. Some stumpwork techniques have also been used as he is padded. To give you a sense of scale the dragon is 8 inches or 20 cms at the widest point and many of the beads are seed beads. There is a larger version of this image available here or click the image.

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