Detached Buttonhole Stitch Example


an example of detched buttonhole stich on a panel of embroidery inspired by  Jr Tolkien

This is Bilbo who is approaching a dragon in his lair is a section of a larger panel which was inspired by JR Tolkein's work, particularly "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings". The sentence from the book "The Hobbit" that inspired the panel is:

"Bilbo's heart was pierced with enchantment and with the desire of dwarves: he gazed motionless, almost forgetting the frightful guardian at the gold beyond price and count."

Some textured embroidery and stumpwork techniques have been used as Bilbo is slightly padded. His bag and belt are both woven. To give you a sense of scale at Bilbo is 5 inches or 14.5 cms high. Many of the beads are seed beads. For an even larger image click either here or on the image.

The dragon that he is looking at is also online click here to see it.

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