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Catherina Hollifield


Catherina Hollifield: statement

It was an extreme honor to be chosen as one of the 19 invitational blocks. Although I learned how to embroider as a child, I only started doing CQ about 7-8 years ago. I learned to admire CQ's in the early 1980's but was afraid to try to make one of my own until I found the Crazy Quilt list online.

I never once believed I would attain the degree of success that I've attained with this art form. Three of the people who influenced me the most are all participants in this project. To Annie Whitsed and Sharon Boggon
who believed in me.........when I didn't,........ I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I believe in me now because you did first. And to Betty Pillsbury, who told me during my first embroidery class, if you think satin stitch with 3 threads is hard, just wait till you try it with one thread.

To this statement, I laughed hysterically and said...I'LL never do satin stitch with one thread. Well, I had to eat those words. This angel is embroidered completely with a single strand of silk thread. I'll never do satin stitch with more than one thread again. The results are too spectacular.

I racked my brain trying to decide what theme to use for my block until I saw the angel which dominates my CQ square. It reminded me of some of the statuary from cemetaries I've seen in New Orleans. I thought, New Orleans needed an angel to look out for it. I included a print of a phoenix on the block because New Orleans will, as the phoenix does, rise out of the ashes of disaster and bloom new and proud and beautiful once again.

It took me 36 hours to make this CQ block.

Catherina Hollifield (Kate) has been an energetic bouncy member of the discussion lists and is a great crazy quilter. She keeps an eboard to display her work.

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