All That Jazz Katrina fundraiser blocks

Janet Stauffacher


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Artist statement

When I think of new Orleans one of my favorite songs comes to mind. Its seemed entirely appropriate given the theme "all that Jazz", that the title words of this beautiful song be predominant in my block. "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans" has a haunting melody, and was also a signature song of lois Armstrong - New Orleans beloved "Satchmo"

When I try and picture new Orleans mow, I see the devastation caused by Katrina, but I also imagine empty streets of the city that are still intact, just devoid of people. Pirate Alley is is a small watercolour by Gail Bryant Fille. My husband purchased this painting for me when he first visited New orleans in 1991. It's a perfect illustration of what the streets of the french quarter could have been like after Katrina hit - still charming but bare.

I scanned the painting, color corrected it to fit my color scheme and tweaked the size to fill the space.After I was done piecing the block,I tried to embellish and embroider it but just couldn't bring myself to add a stitch or any doodads. Does this still qualify as Crazy quilt block ? Perhaps not. But it is what I feel about the city of New Orleans

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