All That Jazz a Katrina survivor fundraiser

Linda Boudreau

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Linda Boudreau: statement

My name is Linda Boudreau. I live in a little farming/fishing community in Nova Scotia, Canada. When I read about your challenge I wanted to make a block to symbolize my inner feelings on the strife a storm leaves and how I felt inside and hope that my block has conveyed my feelings.

I designed my block to be nine inches square with a filled in area of eight inches and chose the colours that were from your website as being strong Mardi Gras colours.

I was fortunate the day that I started designing that I had found a piece of metallic fabric that jumped out and appeared to want to be the focal point of the block and from this I chose the other colours. I chose Deep purple, Orange hazed lame', gold silk covered with a layer of gold glitter on white lace, gold silk and a vibrant green moire'. I pieced my block from the centre out in the
fan piecing technique as it is one of my most favourite and lends itself to easy construction and full view of colours.

My first seam was using overdyed silk and it wasmeandered and couched down the orange/gold line. On top of this I added some pink magnolia's and green leaves in silk ribbon. I tyhen went back in and collaged some beads as if they were being tossed amongst the flowers.

I then moved over to the lace covered section and put a silver mask, this symbolized what Mardi Gras has meant to me. I then added a lace jabot and tacked it down with beads.

I then moved onto the gold/orange silk and stitched a series of half curves to which I added green beads as a centre point to hold them in place, then added overdyed threads in green orange and purple in lazy daisy and straight stitches. I added a hear to the base of each collage.

I then worked onto the orange/feature fabric. I did not want a lot of work on the metallic as it would not show up and the beauty
of the block to me was in the fabric so I chose some silk perle in cerigated green and worked a herringbone stitch stitch. To this I added some gorgeous glass gold beads on one side and some orange glass beads on the other.

Moving along I worked on the metallic to green moire' and using overdyed orange to yellow silk perle worked a meandering herringbone stitch along this line. I attached little straight stitches to the tops with a fancy metallic green thread.

While going through my charm box I found an ear ring that I had been given from a friend to use on my quilts. It said Angel Sing the Blues and reminded me of the beauty of music as I remember. I gave the little guitar wings and taacked it down securely.

Puzzled about what to do on the orange lame block i wnet in and though growth and purity and then added a wandering vine in green silk perle and added some glass capped beads with green centres to hold them down. I let them cluster and meander rather than firmly stitching them in place. It allowed for growth.

My favourite spot on the quilt block came when I added herringbone in overdyed green to the purple/orange lame' seam and topped it off with red lazy daisy and straight stitches.........this then allowed me to work my hearts delight.

I drew a heart on the fabric and outlined this with green verigated silk floss. I then allowed some metallic lime green thread to meander in and around and fray at the base of the heart. I then went in with some yellow and orange overdyed floss and added some lazy daisy stitches. and meandering vines.

I wanted some flowers to show the different colours of mardi gras and started out with pinks and pearls, and luckily found a piece that I could cut and work with that had all of the mardi gras colours in it and formed flowers from these. I tacked a little angel under one bow and and stitched a dove of piece on the other side. I used some beautiful beads that were glass with a spot of orange in them to hold the mandering bow down with.

I have never worked a block this full before. I also have never worked with such bright colours, but it was one of the most wonderful blocks I have ever worked on as it kept calling me back to finish and take my time.

I feel that every block received is a winner as it can build quilts that can raise money and make a difference to the wonderful souls that lost loved ones, possessions and memories in the devestation from Katrina and help bring back " All that Jazz " to Mardi Gras.

©Linda Boudreau