All That Jazz a Katrina survivor fundraiser

Leslie Ehrlich

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Leslie Ehrlich : statement

I am pleased to be able to participate in this wonderful project! It was important to me to try to capture the essence or flavor of New Orleans which extends beyond it’s Mardi Gras. I created a bayou with cypress that is hung with Spanish moss and joined by a local native, the crane. I also squeezed in a “Mud Bug” or crawfish as it is a common delicacy in N’Awlins! A mask for the Mardi Gras celebration sits above a replica of the Steamboat Natchez steaming along on Lake Ponchetrain, trailing music off over the water. I couldn’t resist adding the infamous Brown Pelican sitting on a stump in the water while off to the other corner of the block is a magnolia bordered by what is meant to be a dogwood garland. Then, most importantly, I added a tree of life covered not only with fruit, but with music notes, as music is what makes New Orleans tick! The real party begins at night, so I created an evening skyline depicting the lights of the bridge and the buildings. In the bottom corner , there are the depictions of the instruments for the depicting the soul of music. I appliquéd and embroidered the grand piano and added musical instrument charms to complete the representation. Lastly is a wisteria branch over a sample of wild iris, although this one depicts a cultivated one that is called "Hurricane Party" which I thought was appropriate for this block!!

I hope the block will help to bring in some much needed assistance for folks affected by the hurricane. It will be exciting to see the blocks all put together in final products! I can’t wait! Thank you for coordinating this project. It is nice to see the world come together in stitches and create something to help others!

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