Zig Zag Chain Stitch

a member of the chain stitch family

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illustration of zig zag chain stich used in crazy quilting

Zigzag chain stitch is also known as Vandyke chain stitch. Zigzag chain stitch is a variation of chain stitch.

Zigzag chain stitch is effective when sewn stitched row upon row to build up patterns for borders or as a single row.

The illustration is an example of this hand embroidery stitch used as a seam treatment on a crazy quilt block.

a step by step illustration of how to work zig-zag chain stitch

Work as you would chain stitch but place each loop at right angles to the previous loop to create the zigzag line.

As you enter the fabric with each loop pierce the end of the previous loop.

This will ensure that each section of the chain lies flat.

Chain stitch Family:

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