view of cristin's page

The inspiration and point of contact for this panel is Cristin's(Sorka's) Poetry Page Cristin is 14 year old who has created a home page to share her thoughts, poetry, her interest in music and photography and dreams of peace on earth.

"When people think of the internet, and of the home page, many people think of the bad, the unfortunate things that come with the good. But when I look at the internet, I see a place where I can display myself to the world, and not be scared of the consequences. And my home page is simply and extension of myself and my home. Because on the internet, it does not matter WHAT we are, but just simply WHO we are."

This is part of a body of work which is an exploration into how women are representing themselves on the World Wide Web, and the connection between 'homemaking' and 'home page'. Embroidery is a culturally-loaded textile art often associated with gender, the domestic, memory or nostalgia. I use stitchery to seduce and draw the viewer in. The desire to touch a textile and the need to connect with the work in a physical sense is a metaphor for the internet's promise of community.

To produce this image, screen shots from the Cristin's home pages were taken, then combined and manipulated in Photoshop. The image was then printed on cotton fabric using a Colour Style Writer 2400. To this print I added stitchery using various hand dyed threads of cotton, silk, and wool.

The exhibition "Playing False" was held in the Craft ACT Gallery, Canberra, Australia, between the 3rd of September 1997 and the 21st September 1997.

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