This body of work was produced for an exhibition "Playing False" held at the ACT Craft Gallery, Canberra in September 1997. In this series of panels I explored how women are representing themselves on the World Wide Web and the connection between 'home making' and 'home page'. Embroidery is a culturally-loaded textile art often associated with gender, the domestic, and memory or nostalgia.

I use stitchery as seduction. The desire to touch a textile and the need to connect with the work in a physical sense is a metaphor for the internet's promise of community.

Each panel in the series was created as a result of visiting an individual's Home page. I visited each site, and with the owner's permission, took screen shots of each woman's site. These images I combined and manipulated in Photoshop. The manipulated images were then printed on cotton fabric using a Colour Style Writer 2400. To each print I then added embroidery using hand dyed threads.

Each image in this exhibition is associated with an individual's site. A link to this source is provided on the page. Some women have taken the opportunity to comment on building a home page and the internet and what the experience has meant to them. Click on the images for a closer look, explore the source sites and read the stories associated with them.................


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