image of shadow box
"Abbreviations" was held in May of 1998 at the ANCA Gallery in Canberra ACT Australia. With this particular group of works I wanted to explore not only the idea of virtual travel but the more subtle areas of our cultural heritage that are also in play when we use the World Wide Web. These are areas are associated with how our patterns of thought can be influenced by not only this medium but any medium.

For this series of works I produced a series of textiles which where presented within 5 seperate shadow boxes. A selection of those images I have placed on line.

Many aspects of this simulated online environment are rich areas of cultural re-presentation. The obvious area for those that interested in art and its related fields of study are the sites that re-present national art collections, archaeological sites, and ethnographic collections on line, but more subtle areas of our cultural heritage are also in play. These are areas associated with how we employ metaphors in order to construct and manipulate our ideas and patterns of thought around a particular topic.

The work that was presented as part of the "Abbreviations" exhibition made reference to collections and classification as a means of making sense of the world. When explorers encounter something new such as a plant or an animal they attempt to classify it in order to place it into a greater pattern. This is how we make sense of the world and this act of defining nature in many ways gives us access to nature by making it part of culture. Constant exposure to images of cultural icons or of a famous location can act to frame your experience of that place or object when you encounter them in a physical sense.

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