Bags of fun challenge

sharon b

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I wanted to work in Australian colours using hand embroidery to heavily texture the bag and I wanted to keep the rough and ready feel.

I couched highly textured threads down and sprinkled about the piece random fly stitches and simple straight stiches in heavy cottons and wools. Other textured stitches are French knots, colonial knots, Bullion knots, Drizzle stitch, cast on stitch, double cast on stitch, basque knots, oyster stitch, Whipped spider's wheels and buttonhole bars. These are worked against flat stiches such as buttonhole wheels.

I twisted the jeans sideways and liked the V shape and retained it. I also added a little bit of elastic (about 7 inches) in a casing front and back. It just holds the bag closed. Since it is going to be a project bag that simply gets tossed in the back of the car and taken to various stitching meetings the roomy size is good as it holds a project, sewing equipment, a hoop and one of those plastic storage boxes that hold threads. There is still room to spare and pockets to tuck things in.

Sharon b