Bags of fun challenge

Kay Susan

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I wanted the bag to be heavily embellished, encrusted even, and I was thinking along the lines of an enchanted forest scene. What I finished up with was the 'Goblin Garden'.

I started with the two punch needle flower sprays, and it grew from there. I didn't design it first. In retrospect, that would have been a good idea! I also didn't take into account just how difficult it would be to embroider directly onto the denim. Plus it is a lot more difficult to add embellishment to an article that is already made up. All of this lack of attention to detail slowed down production. If I ever did it again, I would embroider the details separately and apply them to the bag later. Save a lot of sore fingers! I should also have realised what a big bag it was going to be, knowing that originally it contained my backside!

Things I did take into account before I got going were: it should be big enough to take a reasonable size sketchpad and the pockets should all be usable - I would have to curb my inclination to make tassells and dangly bits, there should be nothing to catch on doorhandles or stuff like that - I would like to be able to carry it as a shoulder bag or hand luggage.

I had thought that I would 'box' the bottom, but it just didn't work (or maybe I just didn't like the shape) so in the end I just cut off the corners.

I maybe would have done a bit more embellishment and lined it - but I ran out of time.

©Kay Susan