All That Jazz Katrina fundraiser blocks

Vivian Garforth


Vivian Garforth: statement

I started my project at the very beginning with a starting point , in this case colour. I used pictures off the Internet, clip art, magazine clippings, scraps of fabric and pieces from various other sources for my initial reference material. It didn't matter if the images weren't in focus because it wasn't clearly defined images (but merging colours) that I wanted. I started with the music piece at the bottom followed by the trumpet at the top. This was followed by the two masks and the metal hand scattering green, purple and gold stars.

Next I wanted movement so I add the sun enamel bead and the Kantha quilting radiating outwards. Having discovered that the Magnolia is the state flower I added some silk ribbon embroidery and this led to the Wisteria also worked in silk ribbons. I had the enamelled humming bird charm and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to use it. I used the gold fountain charm at the bottom left, mainly to balance up with the gold trumpet at the top right.

The three hearts represent

Vivian Garforth of Anlabyhouse hails from Western Australia who has also had her work published.

©Vivian Garforth

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