Woven Spiders Wheel

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illustration of woven spiders wheel used in crazy quilting as a ribbon rose Spider's web, woven wheel, woven spot and woven spoke stitch are all names for this stitch.

An odd number of foundation spokes is first made.

These should radiate from a central point of a small circle.

The stitched example shows how to make a five-spoke wheel by using a fly stitch combined with two straight stitches.

After completion of the foundation spokes, a second thread is woven under and over the spokes, beginning at the centre and working outwards; be careful not to pick up any ground fabric.

Use a blunt-ended tapestry needle for the second thread to avoid splitting the foundation stitches.

a step by step illustration of how to work woven wheel stitch

The second thread can be of a contrasting colour or texture.

Ribbon roses are made of this stitch using a fine silk ribbon. If making ribbon roses do not weave the ribbon tightly let the ribbon fold naturally as you weave around the shape, as these folds produce natural looking petals.