Whipped Spiders Wheel

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Whipped spider's wheel is also known as raised spider's web wheel, ribbed wheel and back stitched spider's web.

A Whipped spider's wheel creates a ribbed, circular shape. This stitch can be worked on an even or uneven number of spokes.

Work a single fly stitch then two straight stitches of the same length each side of the fly stitch tail so that you end up with a circle which has five 'spokes'. These form the foundation stitches.

a step by step illustration of how to work whipped spider's wheel stitch

Bring the thread out at the centre of the wheel and slide the needle under two threads and whip the first spoke. Move to the next stitch by sliding the needle once again, under two threads (but only one thread around the wheel). This action can be described as making a spiral of back stitches over the spokes. The needle does not pass through the fabric.

Use a tapestry needle to avoid splitting the foundation stitches. Repeat this action, whipping each spoke as you progress around the wheel until the circle is filled.

You can also do this on foundations that are one third of the number of spokes or on half circles to create fan like shell shapes. Instead of going around in circles in a constant motion you turn at the end of each row and go back and forwards until the shape is filled.

Whipped spider's wheel can be used alone as an accent stitch of colour or texture, or can be scattered over a shape to make a powdering.