Running Stitch

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Running stitch is the simplest and most basic of all stitches which can be used to build up patterns and texture.

a step by step illustration of how to work algerian eye stitch

Running stitch is often the foundation now, for more complex stitches and it is also used for hand quilting.

To work this stitch simply pass the needle over and under the fabric. Traditionally the upper stitches are worked of equal length in an even regular manner.

Running Stitch Varieties:

There are many varieties of running stitch. You will find a few here: Running Stitch, Interlaced Running Stitch, Interlaced Double Running Stitch No 1, Interlaced Double Running Stitch No 2, Interlaced Double Running Stitch No 3, Stepped Threaded Running Stitch (version 1), Stepped Threaded Running Stitch (version 2), Threaded Running Stitch, Whipped Running Stitch